The Wedding Day

It was 2 years in the making and finally, there it was…as they always say, nothing will be perfect. This one had so many flaws…and unexpected sad news. At the end of the day, all that mattered was Kenny and I. And it was magical.

"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale. "

Preparation/Reception: The Sulo Riviera

Ceremony: The Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Cubao

Photo: Bordz Evidente Photography

Video: Soulful Memory Films

**Please watch our same day edit here.
**Sharing our Onsite photos here.

Hen Party

A few days back, my friend from college invited me for dinner with the rest of the girls. It has been a while since we had dinner, after 2 of them got busy with their babies and the other with her work sched. And so that day came. She called and asked me how we'll get there, and decided we just take uber. She asked that we meet at her place, which was just technically behind mine.
I got there at 5-ish as she said. And that we we're supposed to meet the others at 6. Why did I not dress up for this dinner? I had no idea it was the party, until I guess we got to the place. I didn't want to assume so I played it cool. Had coffee with the girls, who didn't want to order yet. I thought this was dinner? Okay, I knew what was happening. This place had a separate room, like for functions, which had a glass wall. So right when we were entering the place, I saw my highschool friends.
Then this waiter asked me to wear this dress. Oh the dress! The one I told my MOH to let me wear for my bachelorette party. This, I did not know how they got. I told my MOH long before, to make sure I get to wear the dress again, had it sewn for the prenup shoot and wherelse can I wear it? So I mentioned that she tell me when my party is so I can dress up. This was really unexpected. I wasn't prepared, I mean, really.
And there it was. It was lovely. Highschool friends and college friends were there, all the closest ones. Of course my cousin and her mom. I had fun. I loved it. Just what I wanted.

Burger… Burger steak

When I ask my fiancé what he wants for dinner (that I will cook), he always responds with this. So yesterday, I finally made what is my specialty to him. 

Doesn’t seem to present itself well 😅 but it tastes fine, great to me. 

So I mixed ground beef and eggs, added salt, pepper, and the garlic breading mix for making fried chicken, to taste. Also, a little bit of marjoram. So this is me just mixing every spice I could find to add taste to my work 😜. Well, there. Cornstarch makes it stick together. For the gravy I just used McCormick’s mushroom gravy–just add hot water! And there it is…burger steak hurrah!

Going Korean

When talking about Korean food, I would always, always go for bulgogi. I usually enjoy their side dish, and most especially, that red sauce that comes with it. Same goes with bibimbap. And since I get to stay home this week, I picked up the time (and the effort) of making myself my own bibimbap. 

I honestly do not know the exact ingredients to the authentic dish, but wth. I had made my own, mixing the different vegetables I have on hand. Mostly, veggies that I really like, and eat 😆. So in here I put the following:

Rice, ground beef, carrots, sayote, pechay, cabbage, labanos, green and red bell peppers (which I really do not like to eat, but it’s a favour to my fiancé), and egg. Do not forget that special sauce! 

And here it is…


-Miss A. 

A new taste of sinigang

One of my favourite Filipino dish is this sour soup. I crave it so much that I can just open a packet of Sinigang tamarind mi and pour it into hot water–just the soup, no other ingredients. I love this soup so much. Now in one of the bridal fairs I might have gone to, I was given this new Sinigang mix as a freebie. And it’s just now that I tried it. 

Green mango soup base. Hmmm. And so I cooked some. And it was good. There’s this sour taste to it still, because, green mango. But I would still prefer the original tamarind sourness. 

Nevertheless, sinigang still works well with this, and I had a sumptuous lunch today. 

-Miss A.