Food coma

Lunch out with my girls from college and it’s the first time I’ve tried eating at Din Tai Fung in SM Megamall. Oh good thing I saved up a thousand bucks for this. We had a sumptuous meal with 2 orders of fries rice: the other with dried fish and another with shrimp. We also had porkchops, broccoli and sweet&sour pork. Definitely enjoyed the xiao long bao–I had each of the vegetable and chicken. My favourite was the dessert. It was this one. (Sorry i forgot what it’s called), and credits to for this photo. 

That’s lunch.😆👌

 In a few hours we drove to the Midas Hotel and Casino for the (free) buffet dinner. Woot woot! Shoutout to my future bro-in-law who hooked us up with this. My, my. It was so good. I enjoyed this one, (except for the dessert) 😒 I didn’t have the chance to try out everything, because, I’m not really one for buffets. But I loved the grills. And here’s a collection of my snaps today. ​


Miss A.


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