Squad Goals

Last Saturday was filled with emotions, me having to meet with my future mother-in-law, who apparently thinks I cannot take care of his oh-so-delicate son… Thank goodness, that after all these years, my highschool loves were on for a spontaneous sleepover. I was in Malolos, about to go overnight at Maix’ when “oh hey, let’s go to the Feast and have a sleepover at your condo!” Uhm, okay, what? Really? Let’s go. That was how fast everything happened. Next thing I know, Maix was giving Ida a catch up story and we were going back to her house to get those alcoholic drinks. That escalated quickly. 

Now that’s the squad I can count on. 

It was so sudden and I wasn’t prepared with my proposals yet so, round 2 is tomorrow. 


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