That Masungi Trip

Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area in Rizal, which, my dear friend would call a “pabebe” hike. This trip had been planned ages ago as booking is really difficult. We’ve been talking about it for a long time and had to consider many things as how many people are coming, (they require a minimum of 7pax), rent of van, and fees. As we have finally settled the people coming (hurrah) we had to make an appointment and alas, no more available weekend sched until April (it was November). So my friend booked us on a Tuesday (and I had to miss school) 28th of February. 👍

So there it was. Our trip. I was so excited for this seeing the photos looking oh so great. Well it was. The place was majestic. 

It was dawn when we arrived. And weather was cool.

The beginner’s climb. Man, I should’ve stretched. 😆

This. Was where our 13-year friendship was almosf over! 😆it’s so cool seeing this photo. Like it was so easy walking past this bridge.

Ah. The famous web. Trembling knees as you get to the middle. Bit here we are!

Surviving “bayawak” and everything. This was the last obstacle.👌

This place is such a beauty. Worth the trip. 🙂



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