Burger… Burger steak

When I ask my fiancé what he wants for dinner (that I will cook), he always responds with this. So yesterday, I finally made what is my specialty to him. 

Doesn’t seem to present itself well 😅 but it tastes fine, great to me. 

So I mixed ground beef and eggs, added salt, pepper, and the garlic breading mix for making fried chicken, to taste. Also, a little bit of marjoram. So this is me just mixing every spice I could find to add taste to my work 😜. Well, there. Cornstarch makes it stick together. For the gravy I just used McCormick’s mushroom gravy–just add hot water! And there it is…burger steak hurrah!


Going Korean

When talking about Korean food, I would always, always go for bulgogi. I usually enjoy their side dish, and most especially, that red sauce that comes with it. Same goes with bibimbap. And since I get to stay home this week, I picked up the time (and the effort) of making myself my own bibimbap. 

I honestly do not know the exact ingredients to the authentic dish, but wth. I had made my own, mixing the different vegetables I have on hand. Mostly, veggies that I really like, and eat 😆. So in here I put the following:

Rice, ground beef, carrots, sayote, pechay, cabbage, labanos, green and red bell peppers (which I really do not like to eat, but it’s a favour to my fiancé), and egg. Do not forget that special sauce! 

And here it is…


-Miss A. 

A new taste of sinigang

One of my favourite Filipino dish is this sour soup. I crave it so much that I can just open a packet of Sinigang tamarind mi and pour it into hot water–just the soup, no other ingredients. I love this soup so much. Now in one of the bridal fairs I might have gone to, I was given this new Sinigang mix as a freebie. And it’s just now that I tried it. 

Green mango soup base. Hmmm. And so I cooked some. And it was good. There’s this sour taste to it still, because, green mango. But I would still prefer the original tamarind sourness. 

Nevertheless, sinigang still works well with this, and I had a sumptuous lunch today. 

-Miss A. 

Envelope Seal

Because I wanted to be hipster cool with our invites…and, well this thing is awesome, I had our monogram customized for wax seal-ing. I am in love. 

Had this made through iSeal custom wax stamp. Just message them on facebook. This customised seal was worth PhP2300, with (3) free wax sticks – colour of your choice. Extra wax sticks would cost PhP 90. But when I got extras, they gave it to me at PhP 88 each. 😊 shipping to the metro costs PhP 145. 
Been enjoying this seal-making. Maybe I will include this in all my mails 😆

So I improvised on some things. Works well though. For melting, I just bought this thing you use to melt scented candles or whatever you call it lol. And just a teaspoon for mixing/pouring. Both from Japan Home. 

Nom nom…Vigan Longganiza

Kenny had to do this thing at his old office some nights ago and I drove him there. Haven’t eaten dinner and I just remembered this all-day breakfast place around the corner. Mmmm. Ally’s All Day Breakfast. Such a treat coming back to this place. And oh thank goodness, I was the only customer. This was where I have enjoyed eating my vigan longganiza and yes I had it again.

Look at how it has been deep fried hmmm. 😆 love love love it. Only costs PhP200, with iced tea and 2 pieces of eggs. Such a treat.

They also offer other breakfast favourites like pancakes, waffles, and other rice meals.

This one I’ve been to is along Malingap street, Teacher’s Village. Just recently I found out they have opened a branch in Cubao.