Going Korean

When talking about Korean food, I would always, always go for bulgogi. I usually enjoy their side dish, and most especially, that red sauce that comes with it. Same goes with bibimbap. And since I get to stay home this week, I picked up the time (and the effort) of making myself my own bibimbap. 

I honestly do not know the exact ingredients to the authentic dish, but wth. I had made my own, mixing the different vegetables I have on hand. Mostly, veggies that I really like, and eat 😆. So in here I put the following:

Rice, ground beef, carrots, sayote, pechay, cabbage, labanos, green and red bell peppers (which I really do not like to eat, but it’s a favour to my fiancé), and egg. Do not forget that special sauce! 

And here it is…


-Miss A. 


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