Envelope Seal

Because I wanted to be hipster cool with our invites…and, well this thing is awesome, I had our monogram customized for wax seal-ing. I am in love. 

Had this made through iSeal custom wax stamp. Just message them on facebook. This customised seal was worth PhP2300, with (3) free wax sticks – colour of your choice. Extra wax sticks would cost PhP 90. But when I got extras, they gave it to me at PhP 88 each. 😊 shipping to the metro costs PhP 145. 
Been enjoying this seal-making. Maybe I will include this in all my mails 😆

So I improvised on some things. Works well though. For melting, I just bought this thing you use to melt scented candles or whatever you call it lol. And just a teaspoon for mixing/pouring. Both from Japan Home. 

For the Principal Sponsors

Our “will you be” invite-proposal box contains the following…

1.Teacup-shaped stationary from Papemelroti (PhP 5)
*wording: To stand as our principal witness
To guide us in our married life
To give us wise counsel
Will you do us the honour of becoming our Principal Sponsor?

*Thank you, internet for this. Did my best in writing in calligraphy, which was more like my handwriting in script, with the use of a calligraphy pen.

2. A can of cookies from Unimart – might be Danish, I really dunno. ^^ (Php 125)

3. VIP Coaster and easel, also from Papemelroti (Php 75 + 39)

4. Invite/What to wear – layout by H2B and printed at home

Box also from papemelroti (PhP 125)

Prices are estimates as I can barely remember! 😀


When you’ve found the one…

I wanted to look “elvish” (as in LOTR elvish royalty) on my wedding day and I really wanted to buy a circlet. Found some on etsy but it’s a bit costly for me (starts PHP2000). Given that I am on a budget, I cannot buy it😣

Divisoria was crazy full of head pieces like the ones the Kalyeserye lolas have and greek goddesses I suppose. But none of them were the one. 

Until this week, we were in Trinoma and passed by EGG. And OMG yes! Here it is…

Gosh I’m in love with it. 😍


MKtoinfinityandbeyond: Engagement Session

It’s such an exciting day! Our pre wedding pictorial, finally. Booked the venue 3 months in advance, got my formal dress sewn. Ahh it was lovely. What a success. Our make-up artist, who is, my soon-to-be brother-in-law and the best man to my groom made it yay! (He had to cancel weeks before because he booked a paying gig) sorry it didn’t push thru but glad he showed up and love, love the result.

Venue: Studio Namu 

So glad with this venue because it fits our expected theme perfectly. Not to mention it’s indoors! We didn’t sweat so much, which is great because we didn’t have to retouch a lot.

Peso power: PHP7,000 for 3 hours max 6 people (they charge 500 pesos for extra person)

This includes use of the dressing room, which I love!

Downside is that they are located at the 4th level of a building where the elevator does not work. So woohoo stairs it is. With my suitcase of change of outfit, it was a sudden workout really.

100 days until…


😱well, I honestly don’t know what to feel right now…

So far, suppliers have been booked and almost, almost paid. Still need more, more funds though for last min what-nots.

But omg! My wedding dress, mother (mananahi) hasn’t even started with it yet! Mainly bec I asked for the ento’s outfits first. Oh but wth. All will be well. Soon. 😝 i hope.