Nom nom…Vigan Longganiza

Kenny had to do this thing at his old office some nights ago and I drove him there. Haven’t eaten dinner and I just remembered this all-day breakfast place around the corner. Mmmm. Ally’s All Day Breakfast. Such a treat coming back to this place. And oh thank goodness, I was the only customer. This was where I have enjoyed eating my vigan longganiza and yes I had it again.

Look at how it has been deep fried hmmm. 😆 love love love it. Only costs PhP200, with iced tea and 2 pieces of eggs. Such a treat.

They also offer other breakfast favourites like pancakes, waffles, and other rice meals.

This one I’ve been to is along Malingap street, Teacher’s Village. Just recently I found out they have opened a branch in Cubao.


The All Day Breakfast Fav.

When Kenny was suddenly asked to freelance at his old job, I insisted on bringing him there and thought to drop by Maginhawa street for dinner. Oh and I remembered: Ally’s. Located along Malingap street in Teacher’s Village. 

Just had to treat myself with my all time favourite–vigan longganiza. 

Oh what joy. Only 200 pesos and you have this! 6pieces of deep fried to perfection plus two eggs, garlic rice and a glass of iced tea. 

They also serve other brekky favs like waffles, pancakes and other rice meals. 

That new food park close to home

Food parks have been everywhere lately. Seen ’em first in Maginhawa, and then there’s one in Xavierville, heard another one in Buendia or somewhere Makati, and now…in San Juan! 

Kalye 1 is a food park located along Abad Santos street in San Juan (near Wilson and P. Guevarra streets), which has been packed with different restos before. It’s actually just now I have realised that and boy have I been missing a lot. I have only been to North Park and Serenitea in the area. 

So now we tried this new place and it looked cool. There wasn’t much people but only because it’s a Tuesday. There were a variety of food stalls and I tried this place that sells chicken stuffed with cheese and rice. Peso power: PhP150, only because it was 1 piece. 

This karate kick chicken I ordered is flavoured beef teriyaki (you’d have to choose from 3). I however cannot really taste much of the flavour… it was supposed to be stuffed with cheese which was just little. And the dip is spicy(or so they say). 

This was a good eat. Will of course come back to try out the others! 

My Happiness Ramen

This week was exam week for my tutee, not to mention, next week is our school’s moving up and graduation ceremony. Hence, it is hell week for me. Been in too much stress and yes, it has been a very busy week. So one of my tutor nights, my fiancé opted to meet me up in SM. He offered me dinner and I told him I only wanted soup. He suggested Ramen Nagi. And I cannot say no to that. Butao (or whatever they call their original flavoured ramen) is my most favourite! Yes, more than Hanamaruken Ramen’s happiness ramen. This is mine. My happiness ramen. Look how much I have enjoyed it, on this hell week.

Ps. This was what we had as well for my birthday dinner, and Valentine’s date. Because, I loooove it! ♥️

🍜Miss A.

That Kenyo Burger moment

About a couple of weeks ago, we had merienda at this new burger place in Malolos. 

Kenyo Burger kind of had the Burger Machine feels I guess..? With way better burgers. Price wasn’t much. Taste was okay. I’d give it a 3 out of 5. Ordered their aloha burger and, didn’t really satisfy my tummy–for a burger. It was a merienda (snack) type of meal. We had to go for Jollibee after 😝

Anyhoo, they serve burgers with a fork, and knife stabbed on it. Haha. It’s an open venue, not good when it’s too sunny or, it’s raining. So, there.

Will still be back to try out their other burgers. 👍