Artwork: The Three Little Pigs

Back at work and this week we talked about the letter P. Read the classic story of The Three Little Pigs which the kids enjoyed, and worked on “building” the little pigs’ houses. Also incorporated in the lesson were ordinal numbers, (the first little pigs made a house out of straw..and so on). The kids were excited in sticking the materialas on each house and here was one of the finished products:

This quarter’s theme also involves family and house, which was also brought out as we finished the story..


Artwork: Sunflower

We’ve been talking about plants for the previous weeks–its parts and needs, and now here’s a simple artwork we made in class.

This artwork helped us identify the different (basic) parts namely: roots, stem, leaves, and flower. I asked them to bring mongo seeds since our next scheduled activity is planting. We used the mongo seeds as seeds of the flower and painted it dilaw as it is our topic in Filipino. Now it looks like a sunflower! We used real leaves as I also asked each to bring in school and the children were able to see the different types of leaves.

Happy New Year!

It’s 2017! 

The Senior Nursery are ready to start the year, and we did it with a firework artwork! 


Black construction paper

Poster colours


What we did:

Dropped points of poster colour on the paper and blew the paint* to create the firework effect.

*with adult supervision

V is for Volcano

Earlier this week, we talked about the letter V and the best example that would come up is of course, volcano. On Friday each child brought their hand made volcanos and we watched them “erupt” with the help of baking soda, and vinegar. We had loads of fun!


I use my hand to touch

This week’s lesson on five senses is about the sens of touch. Late last night I have gathered the following materials to use for today’s activity on touching. 

These are mostly random craft materials which produce different feelings as you touch them. I let each child have a sense of all the materials first, and laer asked them which is their favourite. Most of them liked the soft and smooth ones. 

I gathered a couple of duplicates, put them in a bag and later played a game of matching/guessing with the kids. I asked them to come up front one at a time to oick an item from the bag and guess which is it from the folder. 

As they guessed, they tried to match it with the same material on the folder. 

It was a nice activity enjoyed by the Senior Nursery.