When a celebrity liked your instagram post/s 

So if anyone knows Taylor Spreitler…yea she’s the celebrity. I don’t think she’s that famous because she only has 110k followers on instagram and frankly, I don’t even know her shows…except that she’s part of Melissa and Joey which I enjoyed watching back in the UK. I felt a little kilig, she had a verified account. And she liked 3 of my photos! 

Screencap!! I didn’t even bother marking off the other notifications, 😆 sorry bout that. This excites me how the range of my posts get. So interesting. 

That new food park close to home

Food parks have been everywhere lately. Seen ’em first in Maginhawa, and then there’s one in Xavierville, heard another one in Buendia or somewhere Makati, and now…in San Juan! 

Kalye 1 is a food park located along Abad Santos street in San Juan (near Wilson and P. Guevarra streets), which has been packed with different restos before. It’s actually just now I have realised that and boy have I been missing a lot. I have only been to North Park and Serenitea in the area. 

So now we tried this new place and it looked cool. There wasn’t much people but only because it’s a Tuesday. There were a variety of food stalls and I tried this place that sells chicken stuffed with cheese and rice. Peso power: PhP150, only because it was 1 piece. 

This karate kick chicken I ordered is flavoured beef teriyaki (you’d have to choose from 3). I however cannot really taste much of the flavour… it was supposed to be stuffed with cheese which was just little. And the dip is spicy(or so they say). 

This was a good eat. Will of course come back to try out the others! 

For the Principal Sponsors

Our “will you be” invite-proposal box contains the following…

1.Teacup-shaped stationary from Papemelroti (PhP 5)
*wording: To stand as our principal witness
To guide us in our married life
To give us wise counsel
Will you do us the honour of becoming our Principal Sponsor?

*Thank you, internet for this. Did my best in writing in calligraphy, which was more like my handwriting in script, with the use of a calligraphy pen.

2. A can of cookies from Unimart – might be Danish, I really dunno. ^^ (Php 125)

3. VIP Coaster and easel, also from Papemelroti (Php 75 + 39)

4. Invite/What to wear – layout by H2B and printed at home

Box also from papemelroti (PhP 125)

Prices are estimates as I can barely remember! 😀


My Happiness Ramen

This week was exam week for my tutee, not to mention, next week is our school’s moving up and graduation ceremony. Hence, it is hell week for me. Been in too much stress and yes, it has been a very busy week. So one of my tutor nights, my fiancé opted to meet me up in SM. He offered me dinner and I told him I only wanted soup. He suggested Ramen Nagi. And I cannot say no to that. Butao (or whatever they call their original flavoured ramen) is my most favourite! Yes, more than Hanamaruken Ramen’s happiness ramen. This is mine. My happiness ramen. Look how much I have enjoyed it, on this hell week.

Ps. This was what we had as well for my birthday dinner, and Valentine’s date. Because, I loooove it! ♥️

🍜Miss A.

Just dumping these here…

An OOTD shoot from a month ago captured by my one and only supportive fiancé.

I love this Just G top because it has a patch that says “to infinity and beyond”. Wore it in one of out engagement shoots. Skirt from Greenhills Tiangge and bag is a gift from one of my students. 😊 shoes are from Payless from way bac 2015 (got it in children’s size 😆fits perfectly).