Going Korean

When talking about Korean food, I would always, always go for bulgogi. I usually enjoy their side dish, and most especially, that red sauce that comes with it. Same goes with bibimbap. And since I get to stay home this week, I picked up the time (and the effort) of making myself my own bibimbap. 

I honestly do not know the exact ingredients to the authentic dish, but wth. I had made my own, mixing the different vegetables I have on hand. Mostly, veggies that I really like, and eat 😆. So in here I put the following:

Rice, ground beef, carrots, sayote, pechay, cabbage, labanos, green and red bell peppers (which I really do not like to eat, but it’s a favour to my fiancé), and egg. Do not forget that special sauce! 

And here it is…


-Miss A. 


A new taste of sinigang

One of my favourite Filipino dish is this sour soup. I crave it so much that I can just open a packet of Sinigang tamarind mi and pour it into hot water–just the soup, no other ingredients. I love this soup so much. Now in one of the bridal fairs I might have gone to, I was given this new Sinigang mix as a freebie. And it’s just now that I tried it. 

Green mango soup base. Hmmm. And so I cooked some. And it was good. There’s this sour taste to it still, because, green mango. But I would still prefer the original tamarind sourness. 

Nevertheless, sinigang still works well with this, and I had a sumptuous lunch today. 

-Miss A. 

Envelope Seal

Because I wanted to be hipster cool with our invites…and, well this thing is awesome, I had our monogram customized for wax seal-ing. I am in love. 

Had this made through iSeal custom wax stamp. Just message them on facebook. This customised seal was worth PhP2300, with (3) free wax sticks – colour of your choice. Extra wax sticks would cost PhP 90. But when I got extras, they gave it to me at PhP 88 each. 😊 shipping to the metro costs PhP 145. 
Been enjoying this seal-making. Maybe I will include this in all my mails 😆

So I improvised on some things. Works well though. For melting, I just bought this thing you use to melt scented candles or whatever you call it lol. And just a teaspoon for mixing/pouring. Both from Japan Home. 

Nom nom…Vigan Longganiza

Kenny had to do this thing at his old office some nights ago and I drove him there. Haven’t eaten dinner and I just remembered this all-day breakfast place around the corner. Mmmm. Ally’s All Day Breakfast. Such a treat coming back to this place. And oh thank goodness, I was the only customer. This was where I have enjoyed eating my vigan longganiza and yes I had it again.

Look at how it has been deep fried hmmm. 😆 love love love it. Only costs PhP200, with iced tea and 2 pieces of eggs. Such a treat.

They also offer other breakfast favourites like pancakes, waffles, and other rice meals.

This one I’ve been to is along Malingap street, Teacher’s Village. Just recently I found out they have opened a branch in Cubao.

The All Day Breakfast Fav.

When Kenny was suddenly asked to freelance at his old job, I insisted on bringing him there and thought to drop by Maginhawa street for dinner. Oh and I remembered: Ally’s. Located along Malingap street in Teacher’s Village. 

Just had to treat myself with my all time favourite–vigan longganiza. 

Oh what joy. Only 200 pesos and you have this! 6pieces of deep fried to perfection plus two eggs, garlic rice and a glass of iced tea. 

They also serve other brekky favs like waffles, pancakes and other rice meals.